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Ceramics workshop for kids

11 rd March 10:00am - 1 pm 


Opening hours | address

March 11, 2023 | 10:00 am to 1:00 pm | Curva Atelier | Rua Antonio Maria Baptista, 14 | Penha de França. Lisboa, Portugal - 1170-027

About the Workshop

A cat, what's wrong?
- The nails
And the chicken, what's with it?
- the beak
Put that way, it seems ridiculous.
A little bug crawling
And the donkey, what's wrong with it?
- The paws
And the dog, what about it?
- The teeth
Put it all together and suddenly we'll see what happens...

In this workshop, suitable for children aged 6 and over, Isabel Coelho will guide participants to create real and imaginary animals. At the end of the class, the pieces are left to dry to go to the oven and when they are ready, the students can take their newest pets home! Animals of all kinds, animals we know and know and those we can create - come along and see where we can get :)


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