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May 11 th 3pm-6pm


Opening hours | address

May 11 th from 3 pm to 6 pm

Rua Antonio Maria Baptista, 14 Penha de França. Lisboa, Portugal - 1170-027

About the Workshop

Manual construction is a very old technique that allows the creation of shapes without a potter's wheel, using only the hands, fingers, and simple tools. The most common techniques are pinching, coil, and slab that you will learn during this workshop. You can create a set of utilitarian pieces (two cups, a plate or a small tray and two spoons). 

For drying and firing reasons, pick up will be at a later date. And if you would like, your pieces can be glazed for an extra cost: 10 euros for the mentioned set of pieces within a choice between 3 colors: transparent, white, dark blue)


Payment and cancellation policy: We ask for 30% of the amount for reservation and 70% of the amount in the first day of the workshop. Cancellation and refund is possible with a minimum of 7 days prior of the workshop date.


Wait for our response to complete the registration ;)

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